A little offtopic here. The GIF below was created by my wife, she's a graphical designer and I asked her to create a good favicon for my blog, other then it looks great it also has a thin matter behind the scenes - moving pieces are eyes and they're watching for code brackets to be correct:
< >
they eventually become as happy as possible ^^.

She's a genius.

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Mykhailo Konovalov

So let me introduce myself - I'm a 28 y.o. software engineer, have a passion for clean code and I've decided to create this blog to commit to a widely growing community.

I have several pet projects which I continue developing from time to time, and in this blog, I'll try to capture interesting topics, coding challenges, and engineering I'm facing.

Also, I have a passion for photography sometimes so please check out my Instagram and don't forget to follow.

Piece! ✌